Religious Exemption

What is religious exemption?
A religious exemption is a request to be exempted from an activity due to genuine and sincere religious beliefs. It is due to reasons pertaining to faith and NOT for medical reasons.
In a case from the Third Circuit, Fallon v. Mercy Catholic Med. Ctr., No. 16-3573 (3d Cir. Dec. 14, 2017), the court denied an employee’s request for exemption finding that the employee’s concerns were really about health effects of the flu vaccine, meaning they were actually medical rather than religious.
Therefore the exemption on religious grounds must be made due to genuine and sincere religious beliefs only, not medical ones for example.

Religious Exemption under CP
If you were sent here, that means that the applicant is requesting a religious exemption as a believer of CP. They are claiming that participating in the activity requested would be a violation of their faith in CP and therefore claim under religious freedom an exemption to that activity. They are claiming that the specified activity is in violation of tenet 1 and 2 of the CP faith (by extension). The 3rd tenet of CP faith isn’t applicable here.

Tenet – Adherence to Self Truth
“There is no buddha but the buddha in yourself”
Each believer of CP believes in self-truth. CP is not a religion of rituals or idols. CP is about discovering the divine through rigorous meditation and self-reflection to find the divinity in yourself. There is no “walk 4 circles around a statue, say these phrases 8 times, and bow your head 16 times” to achieve enlightenment. The word Buddha means “enlightened.” The path to enlightenment is attained by utilizing morality, meditation and wisdom.
Truth is not something a priest or idol tells you but the truth that you experience in yourself through rigorous meditation. It is truth that you awaken through your own connection with the divine.

Tenet – Adherence to Growth
Personal growth is spiritual growth and spiritual growth is personal growth
Adherence to personal growth is paramount. Without developing the mental fortitude and personal character necessary to examine truth and act on truth, it is difficult to achieve enlightenment.
Social pressure is simply adversity that must be overcome. When an adherent of CP discovers their truth, it is the truth. To accept something else as truth, would be capitulating to self-delusion, which is the opposite of truth. Therefore to stand your ground in the face of adversity, to adhere fully to the self-truth discovered through enlightenment and a connection to the divine, is extremely important. To accept non-truth when at the core of your being knows otherwise, through rigorous and constant practice of meditation to discover the divine, would be a great sin.
Hone your character through resistance to outside forces that may try to lead you to believing non-truths.

Claim for Religious Exemption
Due to tenets 1 and 2 of CP faith, the applicant is therefore requesting a religious exemption due to a sincerely held belief in the faith of CP.

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