Many people in the United States are racist against Chinese. This article will show you why. We will have a video coming out soon too, subscribe to our Youtube Channel to find out more!

Affirmative Action is Systematic Racism

Affirmative action is the preference of certain ethnicities over others. In the United States, this usually means giving preferential treatment to Black and Hispanics over Chinese.
In education, this means Chinese students need to score higher on tests to be admitted to the same colleges other “preferred” ethnicities can get into with lower scores. For example, a Chinese student might need 1550/1600 SAT to be admitted to a school that someone of “preferred” ethnicity only need 1300/1600 SAT to get into.
More details on how affirmative action hurts Chinese people.
An Asian American’s Opinion on Affirmative Action

In careers, this means that for competitive industries companies will give preference to people of the “correct” ethnicity. This usually means not Chinese.
Goldman Sachs MBA and Undergraduate Camps are only for Black, Hispanic and Native American Students. This is differential judgment based on race and is thus racism.
JP Morgan Launching Leaders is only for undergraduates who identify as Black, Hispanic and Native American. This is differential judgment based on race and is thus racism.

Affirmative action is essentially one of the last remaining systems of systematic racism in the United States. This is systematic racism and must be stopped. See the bottom of this article for steps on how you can help fight racism!

Politicians making Racist Comments Against Chinese

New York City

Many American politicians make racist comments against Chinese with almost no political blowback.
In New York City, there are specialized high schools that admit students based on an objective test similar to the SAT. These high schools are predominantly White and Asian, including a decent proportion of Chinese. However, Mayor Bill de Blasio (Democrat party) is trying various strategies to make these high schools admit less Chinese students. Because Chinese students are earning their places in good high schools based on their efforts in studying, de Blasio wants to use other criteria to admit students. The effect of these other criteria is to admit less Chinese and other Asian students into these high schools in favor of Black and Hispanic students. This is blatant racism (based on the court-proven principal of disparate effect that targets ethnicity). The press release from the mayor’s office even includes wording that this was due to “Black and Latino students comprise 9 percent of SHS offers”. Therefore the mayor’s plans and strategies affecting admissions definitely has a racial component, to prefer certain ethnicities over Chinese people.
De Blasio’s schools chancellor Richard Carranza, who is spearheading his desire to make the elite high schools in NYC less Asian, says “If you choose to be offended as an Asian resident of New York City, that’s a choice you make”.
Assembly member Charles Barron (Democrat Party) states the goal of the mayor’s strategy as: “single-test criteria for admissions into the specialized high schools in NYC. It renders 9 percent for Black & Latino students and that’s unconscionable and unacceptable. The Mayor and I are presenting this bill that will increase the opportunities of Black and Latinos to 45 percent.” This proves that Charles Barron and his Democratic Party colleagues are creating plans to increase admission for Black and Latino students from 9% to 45%, thereby decreasing admissions for other ethnicities by 36%. He wants to see more Black/Latino students and less Chinese students. He is racist against Chinese and his statements prove it.

Fighting Racist Politicians

The solution is for Chinese and allies to stand together and work to defeat these racist politicians during elections. The target should be any politician who is racist against Chinese. Typically the Democratic party is more racist, while the Republicans are more supportive of policies based on individual merit. VOTE AGAINST RACISM! VOTE REPUBLICAN!

Racist Comments Against China

Comments against some countries that are predominantly one ethnicity/religion has been criticized as racist for some countries. But there is no such outrage from the American public when the it’s about China. This is due to racism.
For example, when a well known American politician decided to limit immigration from certain countries, many activists complained of racism. When that politician referred to Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as shitholes, the media and activists again complained of racism. These media organizations included the Washington Post, the UN Human Rights Office, and Vox.
But when American politicians create strategy to prevent the improvement of China and its citizens, a strategy known as “containing China”, there is no outrage from activists and media. Why is this?
It is because the American public don’t see racist comments against China and Chinese as racism.

How to Fight Racism

Things you can do to help fight racism:
1) Share this article on Facebook and other social media so people are aware.
2) Write to your senator and other elected officials stating you are against affirmative action
3) Organize your friends into a group that interviews candidates during election cycles of their stance on affirmative action and campaign for anyone who will commit to abolishing it
4) When you see racism against Chinese, don’t be silent. Publicly call them out and ask them “Why are you racist against Chinese?”. Make them defend themselves if they don’t want to be seen as racist.
Thank you for doing your part!

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