The Hindu Ban That Nobody Is Talking About


Democrats criticize Trump for his “Muslim Ban” because it restricts travel from predominantly Muslim countries.
Yet Democrats support a “Hindu Ban” because it’ll save jobs? It’s selective racism and selective discrimination.

The Muslim Ban

Executive Order 13769, titled Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.
Left wing liberals such as the ACLU and popular media called it a “Muslim Ban” because the countries affected were predominantly Muslim.
ACLU – You Have a Right to Know How Trump’s Muslim Ban Was Implemented. So We Sued
Think Progress – The unfixable problem with Trump’s Muslim ban
Washington Post – Revised executive order bans travelers from six Muslim-majority countries from getting new visas

Democrats and their supporters are claiming that travel restrictions that restrict travel from predominantly Muslim countries counts as a “Muslim Ban”.
Therefore any restrictions on Hindu majority countries should count as a Hindu ban right?

Hindu Ban

86% of H-1B visas are issued to India. It is the main entry way for many South Asians.
India is 80% Hindu, as per 2011 census.
According to Democrats and other liberals, a visa ban that affects countries with a majority of Muslims is religious discrimination.
By that reasoning, limiting of H-1B visas can be said to be specifically targeting Hindus since at least 70% of people affected are Hindu.

Democrats and Selective Racism

Democrats seem to only care about racism if you’re Black or Latino. But not if you’re Indian, Chinese or other minorities.
Democrats seem to only care about religious discrimination if you’re Muslim. But not if you’re Hindu, Buddhist, or Christian.

Let’s see quotes from Bernie Sanders, who represents the radical left wing of the Democratic Party.
Supporting Latinos – I’m a strong supporter of immigration reform, and of the need to provide a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants. I very strongly support the DREAM Act, and will continue to strongly support it.
Trying to keep Hindus out – The bottom line is that I feel, very much, that a lot of the initiative behind these guest workers programs, a very large expansion of guest worker programs. H2B visas would go up to as many as 195,000, H1B to as many as 205,000 a year. [This] is coming from large corporations who want cheap labor from abroad. Absolutely, there is a need for foreign labor. I recognize that in agriculture and certain areas in the high tech industry, you need foreign labor. But this is a massive effort to attract cheap labor, a great disservice to American workers.

Both quotes are from the same interview. He’s claiming that we need to keep Latino workers and give them citizenship. He’s praising the need for cheap labor in agriculture. In the same interview, he’s trying to limit Hindu workers. It’s fairly obvious to anyone that an engineering professional in IT makes more than imported agricultural seasonal workers. Yet he’s blaming engineering labor from India as “cheap labor”.

Action Items

We need to hold politicians and society accountable for their selective discrimination. When jokes about Black people are vilified but jokes about Chinese people are accepted by the average American, there is something very wrong. We need to right this wrong.
See Racism in America and the Complicity of Chinese Fear for more on how we can stand up against selective racism.

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