Finding a Dance Partner

One of the biggest worries that someone starting a partner dance is how to find a dance partner. Partner dances include salsa dancing, bachata dancing, swing dancing, etc.

Figure out what you want

Before you start searching for a dance partner, figure out what you want.
Compatibility: What kind of partner do you get along with? What is a must-have? What is a deal-breaker?
Type of Dance: What kind of dance are you looking for a partner in? You may be open minded about trying different dances, or you may only want to train in one dance.
Seriousness/Frequency: Do you want a competitive dance partner to do competitions with? Are you looking for a casual partner to go to salsa clubs with once a month?

Online Partner Matching

This is a relatively new method. Most websites out there charge money for sending messages, but there’s a new entrant that just started which is completely free. Partner Dance Network is completely free and easy way to find a dance partner.

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