NYC Govt Sponsors Racist BLM Slogans

Photos as of July 8, 2020

New York City mayor Bill Blasio, a Democrat, commissioned 5 large racist BLM slogans to be painted on public streets in New York City. Blasio himself aided in one of the paintings in front of Trump Tower.

In Harlem, at 125th st and Clayton Powell, this took up two city blocks.

“Black Power” logos on BLM murals sanctioned by NYC government

This is racist. Unless Blasio and the NYC government paints “Chinese Lives Matter”, “White Lives Matter”, etc. in similar prominence, Blasio and the NYC government is giving preferential treatment to one ethnicity over others.

But then again should we be surprised? This is the same Democrat mayor who shut down a Jewish funeral due to COVID-19, then showed up to a larger gathering for George Floyd memorial. The same Democrat who banned large gatherings in public, but says BLM protests are okay. The same Democrat mayor who’s trying to limit Asian enrollment in top NYC high schools.

It’s more than just about painting “Black Lives Matter” using government funding on public property, to the detriment of everyone else. It’s also a double-standard from Democrats who love being racist.

US President Donald Trump, the least racist candidate for the US Presidency, was criticized for retweeting a post about “white power”, that he later deleted. News articles about it was written in Bloomberg, CNN, Washington Post, etc. framed as a racist act. Yet that’s US President Trump’s personal Twitter account, and he was merely retweeting. He was not using government resources to retweet. He was not posting it on publicly owned property to the detriment of others. NYC Mayor Blasio and other Democrats are using government resources to be racist, and the western media is staying silent. The black fist logo is a synonym for “Black Power”. This is a racist abuse of government resources by Democrats and politicians.

Two city blocks blocked off using government resources while racist slogans were painted in street
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