November 8, 2019 (Video at Bottom)
An Indian man was extorted and assaulted on the New York City subway today. Black on Asian crime is a major issue that few people are willing to talk about.

A Black woman on the 2/3 train downtown was yelling at passengers this morning around 10:30am. An older white woman who she was sitting near gave her some coins, but the Black woman asked for more. At Chambers street, both got off the train. However, the Black woman gets back on the train through another car door at the same station.
She’s now sitting across from a quiet Asian man. She continues talking about random stuff, at one people mentioning “them Chinese”. I’m not able to recall what else she said, as she ranted a lot throughout the train ride and most people weren’t listening. Topics included social security, hospital, and mother/daughter.

The quiet Asian man gets up with his luggage to leave the train at Fulton station. She says some things about him, then loudly announces “I’m going to hit you, I’m going to hit you”
The Asian man takes off his headphones, and says “Please don’t” in a polite manner. The Black woman continues to threaten him, and holds up what appears to be a needle or stick in her hand. The Asian man asks “What do you want?” and the Black woman extorts him by saying “Give me $5. No give me $20”. The Asian man says “this is all I have” and gives her cash.

The Black woman says “I’m going to hit you anyways” and the Asian man repeats “Please don’t”. At that point I got some distance and started recording the rest.

The man uses his luggage to shield himself from her attack, and thankfully the subway doors open soon after so he can run away. I would have recorded more but I was pretty scared myself. I was originally sitting near the Asian man, and had to get to other side of the train car first before I felt safe pulling out my camera to record.

Is this Black on Asian crime due to racism by Democrat party politicians? With the 2020 elections coming up, your vote could make a difference by voting Republican!

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