Racist group tells only Chinese person to wear a mask (video below)

2020 July 23rd – New York City

Yes, that’s the main with a supposedly compromised immune standing beside a kid not wearing a mask to yell at a Chinese man for not wearing a mask

A racist couple and another woman on the bus today harassed and yelled at a Chinese person to wear a mask during coronavirus season. However, there were a total of 4 people not wearing a mask on that bus but they only focused on the Chinese man.

This incident was racist because the group all focused on the one Chinese man, despite being told by multiple passengers that other passengers aren’t wearing masks either. In addition to the Chinese man, a black woman, and two white kids were also not wearing COVID-19 masks.

When the racist man was confronted for being a racist, he admits to it openly. At 24 seconds into the video, he says “Yes I am racist. What are you going to do about it?”. He then claims he’s not racist because he’s married to an Asian.

The main yelling man, who claimed to have a compromised immune system, went to the back of the bus from the front where he was originally sitting, to confront the Chinese man. At the back of the bus, he also stood beside one of the kids not wearing a mask while yelling at the Chinese man.

At 3min 26sec into the video, we see the man actually stand beside the kid without a mask. For a supposedly immune compromised person, that’s not the best idea right?

One of the women, when confronted about her racism, claims that she’s only targeting the Chinese man because he “can afford to wear a mask” while the other woman not wearing a mask is “homeless” and “can’t afford it”. Wow, who knew that at a glance and without asking, you can tell how much money 1 Chinese man, 1 black woman, and 2 white kids all have access to.

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Does anyone know Spanish and can provide a translation of what’s being said? Put it in the comments below!

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