Why Asian-Americans Need to Support Trump

President Donald J Trump has done more for Asian Americans than any president in recent memory. That’s why Asian Americans owe it to themselves to vote for a leader who will fight for their rights. President Donald Trump has done so much for Asians already, we need him

Democrats are Racist Against Asians

  • Washington state I-1000 (allowing state to legally discriminate against asians) was only supported by Democrats. All Republicans voted against it in state govt
  • California Prop 16 (allowing state to legally discriminate against asians for college admissions and public contracting), sponsored and supported by mostly Democrats
  • New York City Democrat mayor Blasio paints racist slogans on the sidewalk using taxpayer money in support of one ethnicity, to the detriment of White and Asians across the city
  • New York City Democrat mayor Blasio calls New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio (Democrat Party) called the admission of Asian students into top-rated NYC high schools “a monumental injustice”.

Trump Defends Asians and Real Equality

  • Trump asked DOE to limit usage of race for college admissions
  • Trump DOJ filed on behalf of Asians in Asians vs Harvard
  • Trump DOJ re-opened the case Yukong Zhao filed claiming Yale was being racist against Asians. The complaint was originally closed by the Obama DOJ
  • Trump’s emphasis on law and order is the best defense against racist crime, like black on asian crime
  • Trump doesn’t pander to ethnic groups. He doesn’t speak Spanish to get Hispanic votes, because he doesn’t believe in preferring one ethnicity over another. At the first democratic 2020 presidential candidate debate, Beto O’Rourke and Cory Booker both spoke Spanish. The moderator José Diaz-Balart also spoke Spanish in asking a question.

Vote President Donald J Trump

If you want a fair America, that doesn’t discriminate based on skin color, then vote Trump and Republicans up and down the ticket. They’re the only ones who care about hard work over handouts, merit over race. We owe it not just to our fellow Americans but also ourselves to vote for the champion of equality: Donald J Trump.

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