Election season is coming up, and with it a host of racist legislation from Democrats. A common argument used is that:

  • asians are over-represented relative to their population
  • blacks and hispanic are under-represented relative to their population

Racists will use this argument to try to propose legislation to limit asian enrollment in top colleges. Or to hide their racism, they’ll say they’re not limiting asians but boosting blacks and hispanics, which is another way of saying they want to limit asians.

Immigration Policy causes the Difference
Immigration is the main reason for the difference in representation. If you look at high skilled immigration such as H-1B, you’ll find that the vast majority are Asian. USCIS Data on H1B recipients for 2018 Fiscal Year showed that 73.9% went to Indians and 11.2% went to Chinese.
Yet when you look at illegal immigration, such as origin countries of DACA recipient, what do you find? According to USCIS report as of Sept 2017, 79.4% were Mexican and the rest comprised mostly from Central and South America.
So why does this matter?

High Skilled Immigration pre-selects for high performing Asians
As high skilled immigration is comprised mostly of Asians, it means that many of the Asians coming into America are high skilled and well educated. These people invest in teaching their kids as best as they can, which means the kids of Asian immigrants are also high-skilled and well educated.

On the other hand, illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America are presumably not high skilled and well educated. After all, if they qualified for high skill legal immigration, why would they cross into America illegally? Yet these comprise the recipients of DACA, which the Democrats are trying to protect and give citizenship to.

Therefore when you compare a pool of high skilled and well educated Asians to the rest of the population, of course there will be a difference in representation in top colleges compared to their population. It’s the equivalent of taking NBA basketball players competing with players who couldn’t make it into the amateur college basketball team, and then wondering why the NBA team is winning. What’s worse, Democrats are complaining it’s unfair that the NBA team is winning and therefore needs a penalty to “make it fair”.

What’s the solution to ethnic representation in colleges?

Well, you can remedy the immigration problem to fix it at the source. If you only allowed in the top 0.1% most successful Hispanics and Blacks of the world, then suddenly they become the most over-represented at top colleges relative to their population because they will almost all get into the top colleges. Or we can allow free citizenship and relocation package to the 100 million poorest Chinese people from China, and you’ll see the Asian population in elite schools relative to population suddenly drop to lower than their percentage of the population in the US.

How Democrats caused this problem they’re seeking to “fix”

Democrats are trying to “fix” their representation problems by limiting Asian enrollment in top colleges. However the problem was caused by Democrats.

During the presidential primary debates of 2020, you’ve heard from multiple Democrats that they want to allow a path to citizenship for low skilled non-Asian immigrants. They want to prevent President Trump from building the border wall. This will in effect flood the US with low skilled immigrants from Mexico and Central America, which would further exacerbate the “problem”.

But is representation even a problem?

Who says if there are X% Black in the US there needs to be at least X% Black at the top schools?
Who says if there are X% Asian in the US there needs to be at most X% Asian at the top schools?
The people pushing for these racist legislation, like California ACA-5 or Washington I-1000, are judging people by their skin color, and not their academic ability. They shouldn’t be looking at race at all… whoever scores highest on the SAT should be admitted. Yet Democrats have continued to push for “affirmative action” policies which try to discriminate against Asians. You can understand why many Asians and non-racists are now turning to President Trump and the Republicans to make America fair again.

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