Fear of being seen as Anti-Black

People are afraid of being seen as anti-black. This fear seems to only apply to certain groups. How many people do you see in America afraid of being seen or labelled as anti-white?

If you’re willing to say something about White People or Asian People but not willing to say the same about Black People… that’s racist.

All over the internet, and in person events, people are unhesitating in criticizing white people.
-White people win more Oscars than their percentage of population? Claims of racism.
-Black people incarcerated more than their percentage of population? Claims of racism.
-Black people getting less loans than their percentage of population? Claims of racism.

Yet when we apply that same logic, and claim that Black people commit more crimes than their share of the population, or that Black people disproportionately target Asians for violent crime, suddenly a growing chorus of people say “You can’t say that… that’s racist”. Why is there this hesitation to criticize Black people, using the same logic that’s used to ameliorate the situation for Black people?

The answer is fear. And that fear is not entirely unfounded. When Asian students from NYU made statements in a private group chat mobile app that were later distributed, people on the internet doxxed them (revealed their identity) and contacted their school trying to get them into trouble. Their student group was suspended. Internet posts of people trying to dig through their resumes and their personal relationships to hurt them.

So there are consequences of criticizing the Black community. Unfair immoral consequences, but consequences nonetheless. Therefore the fear of criticizing the Black community is not necessarily unfounded since there are consequences from doing so. Yet as upstanding people, our duty is to not shy away from fear, but to confront it.

What did those Asian students at NYU say that were so outrageous that their student club got suspended and people are calling for their expulsion? According to NYU’s student newspaper covering the incident, Jun Cha chimed in that “Black people also don’t recognize that they kill each other the most for some reason.”

While I don’t have statistics backing up that claim on hand in terms of murder, we do know that the majority of violent crime against Black people are from Black people. As shown from this link on Black on Asian Crime Statistics, 70% of violent crime committed against a Black victim is from a Black offender. More strikingly, the majority of violent crime committed against Asians is from a Black offender!

Yet how often does the Asian American community actively call out this racism, where Asian people are repeatedly and systematically targeted by Black people for violent crime?

The fear needs to end. Be free.

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