Democrats and Taxes on Wealthy

Democrats in the United States often complain about the wealthy not paying enough taxes. Democrats insist that the wealthy don’t pay their “fair share” and believe that those with more resources should pay more.

Rich People Already Pay More

Wealthy people already pay:
1) much more than what they receive in direct benefits
2) much more than non-wealthy people

Rich people don’t benefit from food stamps, subsidized housing, medicare, job search assistance, etc. They’re receiving less in direct benefits than what they put in.

Rich people pay more than non-wealthy people. If person A makes $100 million and pays 10%, then he’s paying $10 million. If person B is making $10,000 and pays 30%, he’s only paying $3000.

Democrats Want The Rich to Pay More

Democrats believe that rich people should “shoulder more” of the costs of society and therefore should pay more because they can. This is the reasoning behind the so called “progressive tax system”, where rates increase as your income increases.
Under that kind of tax system, rich people not only pay more in terms of dollars than other people but pay more as a % of their income as well.

Democrats Want to Close “Tax Loopholes”

Andrew Cuomo, the Democrat Governor of New York, said: “Closing this egregious loophole will further this administration’s efforts to promote economic justice and establish a fair tax code for working men and women across New York.”

The Hypocrisy of Democrats Revealed

So far, we’ve established that:
1) Democrats want the wealthy to pay more taxes because they can
2) Democrats are against tax loopholes
Most Democrats that I’ve found, by internet research and from forums, agree with those two principles. Yet when it comes to taxes on themselves, they’re suddenly against those principles!

Democrats Search for Tax Loopholes

From Newsday:

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo used his State of the State speech Wednesday to raise the possibility of a massive restructuring of the state income tax as a bulwark against the new federal tax law.
Cuomo said only that he is “developing a plan to restructure our tax code to reduce reliance on our current income tax system and adopt a statewide payroll tax system.” He provided no details. Aides said those would come when the governor presents his budget later this month.
Fiscal analysts say they believe Cuomo was trying to get around the tax law passed last month by the Republican-controlled Congress.

Democrat states like New York and California are rewriting tax codes, setting up charitable trusts, and doing other complicated tax avoidance schemes to prevent paying tax to the federal government. This is in direct contradiction to their stated principle that tax loopholes are bad!

Democrats Suddenly Doesn’t Want Wealth Redistribution

So why the sudden change of heart? Because Democrats feel that they pay too much tax compared to Republicans. They claim that Republican states get more benefits than they pay into the system, and that Democratic states shouldn’t subsidize them.

Doesn’t this sound exactly like the argument some Republicans have against subsidizing people and giving handouts?


Democrats seem like hypocrites.
Democrats want the rich to pay more into the system because the rich can afford it. But they don’t want wealthy states to pay more into the system because then it’s an attack on Democrats.
Democrats want to close tax loopholes for the wealthy. But they’re willing to create and take advantage of their own tax loopholes because…?

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