Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Donald,

I love you.

In 2016 when you were first elected, I was fairly neutral. I didn’t understand why Democrats were making such a big deal out of it and crying on TV, but I guess being sore losers is the main part of that.

However, over time you’ve shown yourself not only to be the best US President I can think of, but a true American Hero. Here’s why.

Firstly, you believe in hard work. By reducing entitlements and handouts, you’ve sent the signal to America that hard work is rewarded. While Democrats believe in handouts, you believe in people working hard to get what they deserve. Handouts are moral hazard; why should any group try to improve themselves if the poorer they are or less successful they are, the more the Democrats will give them free stuff?

Secondly, you’ve been fighting affirmative action, the worst policy in America today. In 2018, you scrapped Obama-era guidance on race-based admissions policies. Obama and the Democrats tried to make college admissions based on race, to favor their preferred ethnicities at the expense of hardworking Asian and White students. You’ve reversed that, a mere two years into your administration. You’ve stopped many institutions from considering race as a factor. You’ve made America about merit again, not race. This is why you are my hero.

In 2018 and again in 2020 you’ve continued that fight by backing Asians against Harvard. Liberal institutions and Democrats try to penalize hardworking Asian and White people through racial preferences for their preferred demographics (Black and Hispanic). Your fight against that makes you America’s greatest hero.

Thank you Donald. We need 4 more years of you to keep America great.

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