Trump is the only anti-racist candidate in 2020 Presidential Elections

President Trump Fights Racism

President Donald Trump is the most anti-racist president in recent memory. He’s also the best chance the United States has at making the country fair when it comes to race.

Trump Fights Racism

Under President Trump, the Department of Justice filed a statement of interest supporting Asians in the Harvard Affirmative Action lawsuit. During the 2016 presidential elections, many minorities hoped that Donald Trump would fight the systematic racism known as affirmative action. After being elected, the DOJ under President Trump took action to help end racism.
Affirmative action is the last pillar of systematic racism in the United States. President Trump is the only politician who’s willing to fight against this racism. The vocal left wing democrats want to keep Asians down, while Trump wants to make success based on merit and not race.

Trump Doesn’t Pander

At the first democratic 2020 presidential candidate debate, Beto O’Rourke and Cory Booker both spoke Spanish. The moderator José Diaz-Balart also spoke Spanish in asking a question. This is a problem, and here’s why.
Andrew Yang, the only Asian candidate, didn’t speak Chinese during that debate because if he did he would be seen as unfairly representing Chinese people.
President Trump doesn’t pander. He doesn’t speak Spanish to get Hispanic votes, because he doesn’t believe in preferring one ethnicity over another.

Democrats promote racism

Democrats have been trying to promote racism through “affirmative action” bills. Those bills turn America from being merit-based to being race-based… all because Democrats want to pander for more votes. Voting Republican is the best way to make America fair again.

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