Life Improvement App

CP Labs has released a hot new app known as LIA, the Life Improvement App.

iPhone Link: Download for iOS
Android Link: Download for Android

What is it?

LIA is quite literally what its name says. It’s a life improvement app designed to help you improve your habits by 1) keeping track of it and 2) keeping social pressure on yourself to help you achieve your goals.
As we learned from the Japanese business principles, in order to improve anything you first need to measure it. After creating your challenge, such as going to the gym every day, you can track how often you do it. This keeps yourself accountable.
The second feature is what makes LIA unique. LIA allows you to invite your friends to do the same challenge with you. What this means is that you can keep each other accountable, introduce a level of friendly competition, and also increase your interactions with your friends. It’s a win all around

How does it work?

1) Create a challenge
2) Invite friends to challenge
3) Check in to the challenge on days that you complete your goal
4) Review your progress and your friends’ progress

What kind of challenges can you do?

The challenges I’ve set for myself are:
-meet new people
-sleep early
-something secret haha

The secret part is important, since only people you invite to your challenge will have access to it. This means that unless you invite them or share your invite code, nobody will know what challenge you’re doing or your progress on them!

Download Links

iPhone Link: Download for iOS
Android Link: Download for Android

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