Coronavirus Mask Guide – Find out which masks work for COVID19 and which masks don’t
Due to recent Coronavirus scare, people are staying at home. Restaurants are closed so people are cooking at home. Movie theaters are closed so people are watching Netflix at home. Hair salons are closed so people are… growing their hair out? It’s surprising how we take some things as simple as getting a haircut for granted. Well, worry no more, for Chinese Man is here to save the day. Today I’ll teach you how to cut your own hair in the comfort of your own home.

Instructional Video

Required tools: shaver, preferably with attachment
Optional tools would be comb, mirror, and best of all, a friend to help you cut your hair!
Enjoy the video, and feel good about all those dollars you’re saving by cutting your own hair at home from now on!

Note: In retrospect, stopping the haircut before I cut the top was probably a better idea. So if you don’t have a long attachment (I didn’t), just leave the front bit alone and cut it manually with a scissor.

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Stay safe during Covid-19, and enjoy your time at home!

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