Hong Kong belongs with China


Thoughts on Hong Kong

I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in the west. For too long I’ve seen western propaganda try to separate Hong Kong residents from our rightful family, China. These are my thoughts.

A Simple History – The British Stole Hong Kong

Hong Kong was a territory in China originally. The British, eager to buy great stuff from China yet with little to offer in return, tried to addict the Chinese to drugs (opium). The Chinese government didn’t like this, and put a stop to it. The British got angry they got stopped from doing illegal activities, invaded, and stole Hong Kong from China.
When it was time to return Hong Kong to China in 1997, the British coerced the Chinese government into accepting stipulations. These included things like separate systems, HK tax money won’t go towards mainland China, etc.
This is pretty crazy. It would be like a thief (Britain) being caught in a crime (drugs), then robbing your house (stealing Hong Kong) in anger, then saying you have to agree to certain conditions in order for him to give you back your possessions (Hong Kong).

The Indian Comparison

When I saw that some Hong Kong people were waving US and British flags in protest, I thought it was really crazy. I asked some Indian friends about their thoughts and they were shocked. India was a British colony in the past, but Indians would never want the British to come take over again. Waving British flags in protest would not be socially acceptable in India. Therefore it is shocking that some Hong Kong people think it’s appropriate to wave flags of their oppressors (UK and the west) as a protest. It is similar to a kid supporting a house robber who robbed his family’s house, because he didn’t agree with his parents. It is plainly idiotic.

Basic Law is Oppressor’s Law

The UK didn’t want to give Hong Kong back to China, and imposed conditions on how China’s relationship with Hong Kong. This was plainly unjust. It is similar to if a thief stole your TV, but when returning the TV to you stipulates you can only watch two channels. It was your TV to begin with, but a thief is now telling you what you can or cannot do with your TV in order to return it.
Article 106 of Oppressor Law (Basic Law) says that “the HKSAR shall have independent finances”. This stipulates that Hong Kong will not give tax money to China and that China cannot tax Hong Kong.
Historically, when Hong Kong was relatively prosperous, it did not share this prosperity with people from mainland China. While mainland China is now powerful and rich, Hong Kong residents should still do our part to help the entire country. We must abolish these stupid rules and share our taxes with the rest of China. It is one country, one people. People in Hong Kong shouldn’t get special treatment or exemptions from contributing to our family, China.

The Future for Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a part of China. It is similar to your finger being a part of your body. When apart, both are weaker. Therefore Hong Kong should do the following to do its part for a stronger China, which leads to a stronger Hong Kong.
1) Abolish Basic Law. China’s law is the real law. Basic law was imposed on us by oppressors in the west.
2) Abolish the currency peg to USD. Instead peg to the China RMB. Eventually it should be one currency (the RMB) but at least for now we should move away from the west by pegging to the RMB. This will allow Hong Kong to get rid of its significant USD reserves, which are being inflated away by the reckless money printing of the United States.
3) Contribute more fully to the entirety of China. For too long, Hong Kong residents have not contributed to China’s development. Hong Kong taxes did not go to China. Hong Kong residents didn’t pay China income tax. Hong Kong residents should therefore donate what they can to help development in China, and accept equal taxation with the rest of China. Hong Kong is part of China and therefore we must do our part for our family.

Chinese auto translation below


一个简单的历史 – 英国偷香港







1) 废除基本法。中国的法律是真正的法律。基本法是西方压迫者强加给我们的。
2) 取消与美元的货币挂钩。而是与中国人民币挂钩。最终它应该是一种货币(人民币),但至少现在我们应该通过与人民币挂钩来远离西方。这将使香港摆脱其庞大的美元储备,这些储备正被美国鲁莽的印钞所膨胀。

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