Black on Asian Crime Statistics

Black on Asian Crime doesn’t get reported in the news often, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a major issue. You’d be surprised to find that Black on Asian Crime is 280 times more common than Asian on Black crime!

Black on Asian Crime Reporting

It’s rare to see statistics of Black on Asian crime and Black on Chinese crime published in popular media. Thankfully, the US Department of Justice publishes an annual victimization report shows detailed statistics from which we can distill insight into Black on Asian crime. Ideally we’d like to get insight of Black on Chinese crime, but the statistics aren’t that detailed yet. This analysis of Black against Asian crime was based on the 2018 report.

Black on Asian Violent Crime Statistics

In 2018, there were 182,230 reports of Asian victims. Of these, the offender was white 24% of the time and Black 28% of the time. For comparison, the US population is 62% White, 12% Black, 17% Hispanic, and 6% Asian.
So while the US population has more white people than black people, Asians are victimized in violent crime by Black people more often than by Black people even without adjusting for the population difference.
What about the other way around? How often are the offenders in violent crime against Black people Asian? From the same study, Asians were the offenders in less than 0.1% of the violent crimes against Black people, while white people were the offenders in 11% of the time.

In other words, the rate of victimization of Black on Asian violent crime is 280 TIMES HIGHER than Asian on Black crime. Sounds racist? We think so.

Asians are Victimized by Other Ethnicities

76% of violent crime against Asian victims, were perpetrated by non-Asians. Which means that the majority of violent crime committed against Asians, were committed by non-Asians such as Black against Asians.
For comparison, the % of violent crime committed by a different ethnicity against White people was 38%, against Black people was 30%, against Latinos was 55%. This means that Asians are the most victimized group by other ethnicities for violent crime among all the ethnicities tracked. Black people are the least victimized group by other ethnicities.

Media Bias Against Chinese and Asians

As you can see from the statistics, Black on Asian crime is a huge problem. Unfortunately the popular western media doesn’t like this narrative. Do your part and help the Asian community by sharing this article about Black on Asian crime. Hopefully with enough political support, they will start tracking Black against Chinese crime statistics as well.

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  1. This issue is so important to me. Many Asian Americans are victimized and the media just ignore us even when we are literally being hurt or killed. Thank for doing the work to spread awareness.

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