Casper vs IKEA Mattress Comparison

Trying to decide between a Casper mattress and an IKEA mattress? We help list out the key features of each from the perspective of a consumer.


Mattress Price – IKEA Wins

Category Casper IKEA
Foam Mattress – Least Expensive ESSENTIAL
Twin – $395
Queen – $795
Twin – $90
Queen – $180
Foam Mattress – Most Expensive ESSENTIAL
Twin – $1295
Queen – $2295
Twin – N/A
Queen – $399
Hybrid Mattress – Least Expensive Casper Hybrid
Twin – $745
Queen – $1395
Twin – $299
Queen – $319
Hybrid Mattress – Most Expensive WAVE Hybrid
Twin – $1595
Queen – $2695
Twin – $299
Queen – $319

We compare prices between Casper foam mattresses and IKEA foam mattresses. Foam mattress is the mattress that started it all for Casper, and is still their main focus. IKEA is fairly agnostic between foam, spring, and hybrid mattresses. Spring mattresses are not compared since Casper currently doesn’t offer a Spring only mattress.

Mattress Warranty – IKEA Wins

Category Casper IKEA
Warranty Length Mattress – 10 years
Bed frame – 10 years
Foundation – 5 years
Mattress – 25 years
Slatted Base – 25 years
Pros -Explicity includes shipping both to Casper and back to you -25 year IKEA mattress warranty is 2.5X the duration of Casper warranty
-25 year IKEA bed slats warranty is 5X the duration of Casper foundation warranty
-less limitations written into warranty
Cons -mixed warranty length may mean parts of your bed is out of warranty (foundation) and parts of it is in (mattress, frame)
-requires mattress supported by appropriate foundation and bed frame at all times (so can’t put on ground)
-doesn’t include bed frame
-doesn’t explicitly mention how warranty works in terms of shipping to Ikea

IKEA offers a 25 year warranty for mattresses.
Casper offers a 5 year warranty for mattresses and 10 year warranty for the frame.
Casper’s warranty says that Casper will be responsible for shipping both to Casper and then back to you. So Casper gets a point in this regard.

Comfort – IKEA Wins

IKEA has a large variety of mattress models and firmness. Remember that softer doesn’t mean better since you want adequate support for your body as well.
Casper has several models but doesn’t have a firmness differentiator between the models. So if we assume they’re all the same firmness, then it would fit only one body type and preference.

Refunds/Trials – It Depends

Casper offers a 100 day refund window for its mattresses and 30 day refund window for its bed frames and foundation. Shipping to and from Casper is included.
IKEA offers a 365 day refund window for everything, including mattresses and bed frames. Shipping to and from IKEA is not included.

Casper’s refund window is significantly shorter. For a full setup, meaning mattress, bed frame, and foundation (recall that you need all 3 to qualify for their warranty), the refund/trial window is effectively the shortest of all products, which means 30 days.
IKEA’s refund/trial window is effectively 365 days, which is more than 10X longer. However, because shipping costs are included, you can try Casper fully free for those 30 days. Unless you have a large vehicle available, the same can’t be said for IKEA.

Casper Mattress vs IKEA Mattress

Should you buy a Casper mattress or an IKEA mattress? Comfort is your key factor, which you need to judge for yourself by sleeping on both. IKEA has far more store availability than Casper, meaning it’s easier to try an IKEA mattress than a Casper mattress. While you can order and refund Casper for free for 30 days, it’s not the same since you can’t compare simultaneously and having the mattress set up requires a lot of momentum/action to get rid of it and order another.
IKEA mattresses are more likely to be the right firmness for you, since IKEA has a variety of models with different characteristics and firmness. Casper has limited model selection and they’re not differentiated by firmness.
In terms of value for the conscious consumer, IKEA is a much better deal. IKEA’s warranties are 5-10X longer than Casper for mattresses and foundation, and the price is significantly lower as well.

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