How to Make Chinese Dumplings – Easiest Way


Instructional Cooking Video

Efficient and easy, because who doesn’t want to be lazy? 🙂

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Ever have a friend who can’t cook at all? Share this link with them and soon they’ll be a chef with the minimum amount of effort! Because this video series will teach you how to be a chef the easy Chinese way!

Chinese Dumplings

Chinese Dumplings is the miracle of foods. It’s great as a date activity, and perfect for all seasons. There’s also a lot of customization available, both in terms of ingredients and taste.
The combination we recommend in the video involves pork and chives, pork and green onion, and pork and cabbage. As you can tell, you can mix and match multiple ingredients to cook your perfect dumpling to your own tastes.

Required Ingredients

-dumpling skin (Chinese supermarkets will have this)
-soy sauce
-filling (see below)

Optional Ingredients

-meat; pork highly recommended
-green onion
-spicy chili oil
-peppercorn oil

Wrapping Chinese Dumpling

How to wrap Chinese dumplings is an art form. The key part to remember is that you use water and/or egg to wet the edges of the dumpling skin. This will help the dumpling skin stick to itself, and therefore form your dumpling. Try experimenting with different shapes!
Warning: Do not overfill your dumpling with too much filling. This tends to lead to breakage. If you really want a massive dumpling, use two skins!

Chinese Dumpling Sauce

The sauce gives the dumplings a significant part of their flavor. The sauce I recommend involves:
-soy sauce
-hot chili oil
-peppercorn oil
Put all ingredients into a medium sized bowl and mix thoroughly.
You dip each dumpling into the sauce right before you put it into your mouth.

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