World System Builder Scam – WSB Scam

Is WSB a scam? World System Builder (WSB) is affiliated with the World Financial Group MLM / Scam.

World System Builder Scam

World System Builder holds “financial literacy” classes and workshops, where they aim to sell their products and recruit new people into “the business”. A friend who has been to their seminars told me his experience. He was invited by a friend who wanted to teach him how to manage his money and invest properly. At the seminar, which was primarily Asian, the speakers spoke abut the opportunity to make big money and how others who followed could make it big. They then pitched their insurance product (something about an insurance investment product) and also offered the “opportunity to join their business”.

Affiliation with World Financial Group MLM

Their website doesn’t list any personal information as to who runs it; this increases the likelihood that World System Builder is a scam. A Google search of their phone number shows an affiliation with Xuan Nguyen and World Financial Group but nothing too solid. We eventually come across some of their marketing material which has a required disclosure:

World System Builder (WSB), LLC is a financial services marketing company that is associated with World Financial Group, Inc.
World System Builder LLC Headquarters:
WSB Gold Street Financial Center, 2099 Gold Street, Suite 100, Alviso, CA 95002. Phone: 408-941-1838.

So indeed they are affiliated with World Financial Group… go read about the WFG MLM / Scam now!

World System Builder Scam

Thanks for reading our review of the World System Builder Scam. Do you have any stories to share? Let us know!

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14 thoughts on “World System Builder Scam – WSB Scam”

  1. Hey! I think you’ve been very misinformed by your friend. I can tell you from personal experience and being a part of the company that we are 100% not a scam.
    We provide free financial workshops to educate people on how to manage their money better. If you would like, I can show you everything we are about on a video call! People are very skeptical of our business because recruiting is an aspect, however we recruit to spread our message to more families across the nation with a goal of creating a society that is better with managing money. People who don’t succeed in the company are quick to call it a scam because they do not understand that it is a business, but instead go in with an employee mindset. It’s very unfortunate, and do to other companies using a similar business platform we get associated with their schemes and scams even though we are VERY different.

  2. @Brandon Rashtian, there was a $100 membership fee to join the program. The program is not free and requires you to pay for every convention you go to. This can go up to $500. I was promised to be taught subjects that I would not learn in class. However, the workshops taught the basics of economic topics and brag about how much they make. They need to brag more about how they are supporting their communities rather than their salary.

  3. There are over 300+ WSB financial centers all across the U.S. and Canada. If you say it’s a scam, how come the government don’t know and shut them down? WSB is a legit platform under World Financial Group (Under TransAmerica and Aegon) They are partnering with hundreds of financial companies and organizations! They’re building a new industry, so their marketing strategy is different.

  4. Well actually, the program of attending workshops is free. If you’d like to join the platform to be your own money manager and your own boss and make money for yourself and not someone else THEN it’s $100. You must have been misinformed- or maybe you just heard what you wanted to hear and manipulated it into what you think others want to hear.
    WSB is one of the fastest growing companies and backed by a company called Aegon (which Forbes talks about being TOO BIG TO FAIL). Clearly if a 177+ year old company is willing to back WFG/WSB it wouldn’t be a scam. I highly doubt owners of a huge company like that would affiliate with a “scam”.
    Times are changing and the way business do business is changing too- not sure which end of the spectrum you want to be on- I’ll stick to being on the end of being my own boss and not worrying about the $10k + overhead costs most business owners have to stress about.

    I’d give it another shot and not base it off of one experience- which is weird to me that people tend to trust someone with a one time experience over people who have a 10+ year experience 🤔 weird.

    • True it is a scam, they deliveratly misinform you and promise that the 100 dollars is life time membership but if you dont recruite and do not get your licence in 3 months they send you a letter of termiation like this. At the beguining they never mentioned this so I lost 300.00 because they wanted me to enrroll my husband and son also. their WFG Launch countdown clock will be terminated if they’ve not yet become licensed and submitted a signed agreement. Associates who still have time remaining have until their nine months ends to complete their pre-licensing coursework, licensing exam and sign their agent agreement. If not completed by the deadline they will be terminated.

      Associates who have not yet requested it, can ask for a one-time three-month extension within 15 days prior to their countdown clock reaching zero days. Also, associates who are terminated can reinstate at a reduced fee as long as they do so within 60 days of their termination.

      Thank you for your attention to and consideration of this WFG Launch update. We wish you much success.

  5. WSB identifies you in the online professional network, then contacts you on social networks (eg Facebook)…
    Don’t give 1 cent to get a License or a job!

  6. They sell high fee insurance with an investment portion that also has high fees.
    The dream is that you “retire early” but actually if you buy cheap term insurance and invest the rest yourself you actually make a lot more.
    They are scammy insurance salesman and they make money off you, and so don’t have your best interests in their mind.

  7. World System Builder (WSB) is an accredited insurance and finance company that provides free financial literacy workshops to the community and also has a business platform that uses the network marketing model.

    WSB’s free financial workshop topics include personal budgeting, debt management, emergency fund, proper protection, building wealth, asset accumulation, saving for college, retirement planning, long term care, Medicare basics, and wealth presentation. The workshops are offered at no cost and are frequently conducted at non-profits, government agencies, colleges, churches, high schools, youth groups, libraries, businesses, and community centers. These free workshops are a public service independent of membership in the business platform.

    The WSB business platform coaches new members to obtain a professional license in the financial industry and to create their own business by building a team. It requires a one-time $100 sign-up fee. Licensed members using the business platform make money by helping families and individuals with a variety of financial instruments such as insurance (life, health, annuities, long term care, disability, final expense, etc.) and other investments (IRA setup, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) – depending on which professional licenses the member has. Each member is free to recruit new people into their team and train them.

    WSB agents are independent and can choose to work full-time or part-time (there are no quotas). They can focus on being a solo agent or they can build and manage an organization. You are limited only by your choices and the amount of effort you put into your business.

  8. During the first workshop, I asked “How does WSB make it’s profits?”
    “Ask the person who invited you….The workshops are not for profit. The educators/trainers are financial professionals…”
    “…I will ask. I know the workshops are free but WSB is a business so you have a way to make money…the way it was described to me [all these free workshops!] sounded like it was a non-profit.”
    “Yes, correct. WSB is not a non-profit org.”

    Pretty evasive if you ask me. In workshop #1 you should be able to answer the question how your business makes money. I’m bowing out. There’s no such thing as “free.”

  9. they say its only 100$ but its more….once you join…buy a packet for $30 with books, buy a calender and organizer for 50$… pay every month $75 for using sales force (E & O is another 75$)….there is cooers ion which is illegal they firce the newly recruited to buy an insurance policy from the person who recruited you as a favor for success….buy books and packets for your recruits… registration fees for convention…..then also pay for your trip stay etc…..the company is making money based on all these sales….not only there is a 100$ to join….if someone loses job and money is an issue they … yes ofcourse i left after all these lies told me,… i was told its only $100 to join and nothing else…they trick

  10. My wife and I was introduced to WSB (World System Builder) September of 2022. I was convinced because we were told that this organization offers educative program and promotes financial literacy skills to people to manager their finances well. My wife got her license to become a ‘financial advisor’. But after being with the organization for 8 months I realized that this organization is more on MLM program and they are 90% focused for you to become a recruiter rather than a professional financial advisor. This company is using a big curtain of ‘Financial Literacy’ to cover their real business which is to recruit others. They will use ‘McDonalds’ system to brainwash you that it’s ok to recruit.

  11. WBS is a cash cow, and guess whose cash makes them rich? Yours. Unless you morph yourself into one of them, you will just continue to put out cash and have to fly and travel all over the place, at your expense, of course, to be influenced by fast cash talk and more registration fees.


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