World System Builder Scam – WSB Scam

Is WSB a scam? World System Builder (WSB) is affiliated with the World Financial Group MLM / Scam.

World System Builder Scam

World System Builder holds “financial literacy” classes and workshops, where they aim to sell their products and recruit new people into “the business”. A friend who has been to their seminars told me his experience. He was invited by a friend who wanted to teach him how to manage his money and invest properly. At the seminar, which was primarily Asian, the speakers spoke abut the opportunity to make big money and how others who followed could make it big. They then pitched their insurance product (something about an insurance investment product) and also offered the “opportunity to join their business”.

Affiliation with World Financial Group MLM

Their website doesn’t list any personal information as to who runs it; this increases the likelihood that World System Builder is a scam. A Google search of their phone number shows an affiliation with Xuan Nguyen and World Financial Group but nothing too solid. We eventually come across some of their marketing material which has a required disclosure:

World System Builder (WSB), LLC is a ļ¬nancial services marketing company that is associated with World Financial Group, Inc.
World System Builder LLC Headquarters:
WSB Gold Street Financial Center, 2099 Gold Street, Suite 100, Alviso, CA 95002. Phone: 408-941-1838.

So indeed they are affiliated with World Financial Group… go read about the WFG MLM / Scam now!

World System Builder Scam

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