Krav Maga Academy 6 Week Challenge Scam

Krav Maga Academy 6 Week Challenge is a scam! Their 6 week challenge requires a very expensive “deposit” that you only get back if you meet their ridiculous goals and also agree to post a review for them before they tell you whether you get your money back or not. See the bottom section on what to do if they’ve scammed you!
I think a lot of their positive reviews are due to the fact that people don’t want to talk badly about a company that’s holding $600 of their money pending the review. I posted a bad review of their Krav Maga Academy 6 week challenge scam and they called me to try to get me to change it!

Krav Maga Academy 6 Week Challenge

I saw a Facebook ad about this “free fitness challenge”, looking for people who want to transform their body for free. I click through on it and see a very sales-like page. I make an appointment and it turns out to be at a local martial arts gym in New York City (where I am based) called “Krav Maga Academy”.

When I show up, there are many participants there as well. We get weighed and after quite a bit of waiting, we are led on a brief tour. We then get shuffled into a small room where they run us through a Powerpoint sales pitch.

The pitch consists of telling stories of past participants who changed their life and how their system is the only one that works. Something about 3 pillar system and how they’re the only ones to do it. Then the sales woman does a lot of hyping up where you’re supposed to raise your hand to show enthusiasm and she questioned why I didn’t look excited.
Near the end of the presentation, she brings up that she wants a “deposit” of $600 that will be returned to you if you hit your goals. Then she goes around the group and makes arbitrary goals for each person. I was told to gain 10 lbs (I’m currently 130 lbs and my body type stays relatively around that weight for years… I’ve never been 140 lbs ever!). We were also told that she needs a yes or not “today”.

Unrealistic Goals – Scam!

I think it was weird how she wanted me to gain 10 lbs but another participant to gain only 5 lbs, so I negotiate her down to 7 lbs gain. Right as I’m about to sign the contract, she adds in an extra condition! 7 lbs weight gain AND body fat under 7%. I negotiate her up to 8% but that’s still crazy since there’s no way I’m 7% body fat. Then she says she can’t answer any more questions since she has another appointment but we need to let her know today. Talk about high pressure sales tactics!

I ended up signing at the last minute, but then realized my mistake! I asked some fitness friends and they informed me why that goal was unfair and impossible. Firstly, gaining 7 lbs in a short time without gaining any fat is near impossible. Secondly, inaccuracy of the scale to measure bodyfat makes it very risky since it could fluctuate and there’s no margin for error. In fact, I “gained” 0.2% body fat in 20 minutes between the first measure and when I asked for a re-measure… a fluctuation that would’ve made me lose the challenge (and $600). Therefore I got scammed!

Misleading Contract

Krav Maga Academy hides the LEGAL requirement that you can cancel for whatever reason within 3 days. It is also legally required for them to disclose this on the contract, which they didn’t.
They were also supposed to by law let me know there is a cooling off period but they didn’t… they finally refunded me after I found out about that law and sent them a certified letter. Their contract also says no refunds 😐

What To Do if you got Scammed By Krav Maga Academy

If the contract they sent you didn’t say you could cancel within 3 days of signing up, I think it voids the contract under NY state law and you’re entitled to 3X damages + costs… which means you can get 3X your money back. Check your contract.
See §624, part 2 for their responsibility to tell you.
See §627 for what happens if they don’t tell you (contract is void).
See §628 for your entitlement to 3X damages + legal fees.

Don’t get scammed by the Krav Maga Academy 6 week challenge scam! Avoid them and save yourself $600!

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