How come nobody cares about racism if it’s toward Chinese people?

Hey all. So I normally don’t post political stuff here. But since I moved to the US, I’ve been seeing a buttload of racist crap targeted towards Chinese and Indians but nobody seems to think it’s racism because we’re not Black, Hispanic, or Muslim. Are there secretly types of racism that Americans are okay with here that I’m not aware of?

1) Affirmative Action = blatent racism
Ta-Nehisi said something interesting about racism:
“If I have to jump six feet to get the same thing that you have to jump two feet for ― that’s how racism works.”
I agree with this quote, and it seems many people reshared this quote too… but somehow I don’t see those same people speaking out against affirmative action policies.
Affirmative action means that you can discriminate against sections of people (like chinese, blacks, indians, etc.). This means that in education, a Chinese man has to get a much higher SAT score (jump X feet higher) in order to get the same result as a black man. Where’s the shouts of racism then? Where are the protests?

2) Actions directed towards a country
Recently regulations regarding people from certain countries were changed. People shouted that it’s racism because those countries are majority muslim.
The implication here is that actions towards certain countries mean that it’s racism if that country is majority X?
Well, what about the whole H1B visa issue that Democrats were promising to limit? That program is like majority used by India… where are the shouts that they’re being racist? Or do Americans think it’s not racist if it’s against Indians?
Or sanctions against China… how come nobody is screaming racism at that? China is majority Chinese, after all.

Why do Chinese and Indians get bashed and nobody says anything? Is there a double standard here in the US I’m not aware of?

Additional Readings:
MICHAEL WANG, a young Californian, came second in his class of 1,002 students; his ACT score was 36, the maximum possible; he sang at Barack Obama’s inauguration; he got third place in a national piano contest; he was in the top 150 of a national maths competition; he was in several national debating-competition finals. But when it came to his university application he faced a serious disappointment for the first time in his glittering career. He was rejected by six of the seven Ivy League colleges to which he applied.

Note: These thoughts have been weighing on my mind. They are simply my opinion and do not necessarily represent the thoughts/attitudes/etc. of anyone or anything I’m related or affiliated with.

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