United Airlines Incident Was Racist

Political/societal opinion follows.

The United Airlines situation regarding pulling off the Asian American doctor is very racist*

Considering the location (Louisville Kentucky) with a small % of asians, it doesn’t sound very random that 50%+ of the people chosen were Asian.
2% asian population there according to Wikipedia.
4 people chosen. IF random, probability of it is: (4 cr 2)*(.98)^2*.02^2=0.23%

I was on a United flight from State College PA earlier this year. A fairly non-asian town (9.8% according to Wikipedia). Two IBD (involuntary deboarding).. two asian men were picked out. One white woman then volunteered to take his place in exchange for compensation. The flight was comprised of mostly non-asians.
IF random, probability of it is: (2 cr 2)*0.1^2=1%

Small sample sizes, but enough for me to shout racism to at least bring some attention to the issue.

When are Asians (and Chinese) going to stand up for each other?

If Black people can stand up for Black people, and Hispanic can stand up for Hispanic, what are we as Chinese and as Asians doing?


So I fly fairly often. Last year was ~35 flights. I have a business class trip booked NYC-Tokyo this summer. It’s NOT on United 🙂 I’m reconsidering United as my main carrier as well.

*Even if not chosen due to race, the policies have at least disproportionate impact and hence still racist.

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