Free Tutorials on Finance, Marketing, Accounting, and more

Welcome to Finance Geek. What started out as a free tutorial on finance for students has turned into a repository of knowledge for anyone interested in learning new topics. This site provides easy guides on how to learn accounting easily for example. The perspective taken is one where the visitor has limited knowledge of the subject and want to learn the most important concepts quickly and easily. Essentially, we provide a crash course on topics from basics of accounting to key concepts in corporate finance and investment banking.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments or suggest new topics. We’re always adding new content as long as we’re comfortable we both understand the material and can explain it easily. And best of all, all the tutorials on this site are FREE! That’s right, all the free accounting courses, free finance courses, and free marketing guides you want.



Visit our sister site Actuarial Ninja for more information about actuarial science.

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