Election Tracker App

Let’s take a look at this super simple yet still fully featured Election Tracker app, to help keep track of the US 2020 Presidential Elections.

iPhone Link: Download for iOS
Android Link: Download for Android

What is it?

The 2020 Election Tracker app gives you a handy, up to date, and simple way to keep track of the 2020 Presidential Elections in the United States. It keeps track of the different polls which are being published several times each week and presents the summaries to you. It’s useful for both US voters and non-voters alike.

What does it keep track of?

Currently it keeps track of the 2020 presidential election primaries. Most of the polls are for the democratic primaries, as the republican primaries are much less exciting. Donald Trump is the heavy favorite to win the 2020 Republican nomination for presidential candidate. While the 2020 Democratic nomination had over 20 candidates to start.
Once primary season is over and we get to the general election, the app will cover the polls between Donald Trump and whoever the eventual Democratic nominee is.

Download Links

iPhone Link: Download for iOS
Android Link: Download for Android

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