Make Money with your Website

How to make money with your Blog/Website


Make money from ads on your website

Ads are the most common way to make money and probably the easiest to start off with. If you have a blog or website already, and want to make money today, this is the easiest way. Just join a banner ad program like Google Adsense, put some code on your website, and voila you’ll be making money!
Learn about different ways to make money from ads and internet marketing terminology.

Sponsored Content

This is the real money maker. I know a popular social media girl (somehow girls have an easier time) who was making about $1000/month from ads, but $10,000/month from sponsored content.
What is sponsored content? Sponsored content is essentially content (blog posts, videos, etc.) that you put up because someone is paying you to do so.
You need to have a lot of traffic for people to pay you for this, so this is more relevant for established websites, blogs, or Youtube channels with a lot of visitors. Once you’re popular enough, you can start reaching out to companies asking them to sponsor your content. For example, if you have a beauty website you can reach out to brands like Revlon or L’Oreal and do a review of their products in exchange for money!


Make money from affiliate links on your website

Affiliates are like a hybrid between ads and sponsored content. Have you ever seen those websites that review products and then have a link to that product? They get paid commissions when someone buys or signs up for that service. For example, credit card review websites make money (eg: $25/signup) whenever someone applies for a credit card through their website and gets approved. This is similar to ads because affiliate links are essentially an ad. This is similar to sponsored content because many people will write content that specifically promotes those affiliate products. Credit card review websites don’t review credit cards just because they randomly wanted to review credit cards. They saw how lucrative affiliate ads for credit cards are, so they start a website to drive credit card traffic.

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