Vote Republican to Fight Racism

If you want to help fight racism, you can vote Republican this upcoming election.

You see, the US Democratic party believes in systematic racism. They believe that some ethnicities should get favored treatment when it comes to college admissions, jobs, and benefits from the government.

Democrats Believe in Racism

The vast majority of US Democratic Party members support racism in the form of affirmative action. Affirmative action is the preference of some ethnicities over others in the name of racial diversity.
Let’s use college admissions as an example. Let’s say a great college is looking to accept 1000 new students. A fair system would take the top 1000 applicants who apply based on their test scores on the SAT. A racist system would give certain students a boost based on their ethnicity. Democrats believe in this second system.
There was a study that showed the benefits and penalties of belonging to different ethnicities when it comes to college admissions. Out of a SAT score of 2400, Asian students receive a 140 point penalty for being Asian. Black students receive a 310 point bonus for being Black. This is racism. Yet Democrats support this racist system because they want more of their favored ethnicities. In the world of Democrats, “Everyone is equal, but some people are more equal”.

(Some) Republicans are Willing to Fight Racism

Some Republicans are willing to fight against that racist system. George Bush (Republican), for example, tried to reduce the impact of this systematic racism. However he was stopped by the concerted effort of Democrats.
While not all Republicans are interested in fighting racism, the Democratic party has shown that they are overwhelmingly in support of racism in America. Therefore, we recommend voting Republican until you know which candidate is against racism in your district. We will have a voting guide up in the near future to help with this!

The Democrat Party has many Racists

The Democratic National Committee issued a statement in support of this racism for college admissions in June 2016.
-Democrat Party Website: DNC Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action
While the DNC statement was careful to call their support for racism “diversity”, the fact remains that they are calling for racism. Preference of one ethnicity over another is racism. If we mandated that NBA teams must have 10% Asian players, is that diversity or is it racism?

New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio (Democrat Party) called the admission of Asian students into top-rated NYC high schools “a monumental injustice”.
-Chalkbeat: “Mayor Bill de Blasio: Our specialized schools have a diversity problem. Let’s fix it.”
The specialized high schools in New York City admit mostly Asian students through an unbiased objective entrance exam. Bill deBlasio didn’t like that more Chinese than Black students were getting admitted, so he’s trying to change the admission proxy to admit less Chinese students. Trying to favor one ethnicity over another is racism.


In the upcoming elections, vote for the party and the person who is willing to fight racism. This tends to be the Republican party, but vote for the ideas more than the party. This means research the candidates to see who is against affirmative action, and vote for him/her. A voting guide is in the works and will be coming soon.
Also, share this article with everyone you know on social media! Help them become aware of this racism in our system and how they can fight it. Help your friends become woke and share today!

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