Beyond Scooter Review (RideBeyond)

Beyond Scooter, formerly known as Brooklyness, is a scooter rental company based in New York City. They rent scooters for $49/month with a $50 setup fee (before taxes), which equals a $99 for the first month.

Ordering and Delivery – 0/5 stars
The ordering process for Beyond scooter is very bad. When you click subscribe, it asks for payment information and address. It then sends a receipt but has zero information on shipping or pickup. Despite saying “free shipping or pickup”, it doesn’t give the option during ordering. 0/5 stars for order process.
After inquiring about the delivery date, they told me to go pick it up instead. When I told them that their website says free delivery is included, they said that it’ll take 3+ weeks. Then they repeatedly told me it’s available today if I go pick it up and asked me if I was going today to pick it up. It feels very much like a scam where they try to make the “free delivery” as unappealing as possible to save on shipping costs.

Scooter – 3/5
The Beyond scooter’s acceleration and braking is very jerky. When starting it feels like I’m getting dragged forwards. When stopping, it feels like I’m about to flip over. This doesn’t mean the scooter is powerful, it just means that modulation wasn’t engineered properly. A powerful scooter should be able to accelerate taking into account the rider instead of just being an on/off switch for power. The Segway NineBot ES3 for comparison can climb hills better but still feels a lot smoother and more stable.
Going uphill is problematic. The speed reduces from 20mph to about 10mph when going uphill. Additionally, the battery indicator goes from full to halfway during the hill climb, and then back to full afterwards.

There are many alternatives for mobility. If you think you’ll be riding a scooter often, you can buy your own scooter so it’s a one time payment. If you’re trying it out, a scooter rental may make sense.
In the rental scooter market, there’s Unagi Scooter which has comparable pricing and supposedly fast delivery of 2-4 business days (compared to 3-4 weeks for Beyond Scooter).
In the purchase market, I would recommend a Segway Ninebot or a Xiaomi scooter.

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