Casper Mattress 100 Day Trial Review

Casper Mattress. While they present themselves as a tech firm, there’s not much technical about it. They offer a fairly standard foam/spring mattress that’s marketed online. They have some physical stores, but the online sales method is what they use to present themselves as “hip”.

Delivery – 2/5 stars
The delivery of the Casper Mattress was mediocre at best. They just left it outside my apartment door, which is not good. My building has a mailroom that they’re supposed to put it into if I’m not home, but they didn’t do that. Thankfully I was home otherwise it could’ve been stolen and that’d be the end of this review.
It came in a giant box and ample amounts of plastic wrap. It was tightly compressed so once I cut the plastic wrap, the mattress started expanding.

Casper Mattress – 4/5 stars
The Casper mattress itself was okay. I got the original hybrid mattress, which is the foam+spring mattress. Casper originally only sold one type of foam mattresses, but recently expanded to hybrid mattresses which are spring mattresses with a layer of foam on top.
The mattress is quite soft. Some of my friends think the Casper mattress is too soft. I didn’t mind it, but my back did feel uncomfortable the first week. Unlike mattresses from Ikea or other mattress stores, there’s no selection of firmness or softness. There’s only one softness level for the Casper mattress (that I know of). The only difference between their various models are the number of layers of foam, whether there’s a spring bed or not, and obviously the price difference.
When first opened, the mattress had a fairly strong latex-like smell to it. This lasted for several days, even after giving initial 10 hours to air out before using.
Over time, I grew to like the mattress and was a bit sad when the 100 day trial period was ending.
That being said, while the Casper mattress itself was decent, it was not worth the $1000+ price. It was fairly similar with my $250 Ikea mattress. So in the end, I was happy to return it to get my money back.

Value – 2/5 stars
Similar foam+spring mattresses run $200-$400 at Ikea. The Casper original hybrid mattress was a bit over $1000. In terms of warranty, Ikea has a longer warranty at 25 years compared to 10 years for Casper. However, Casper will pickup mattresses for warranty service and is quite descriptive of the claim process, while Ikea doesn’t say whether they’ll pickup and the claim process is more difficult.

Returning the Casper Mattress – 5/5 stars
The return process was fairly straightforward. I emailed Casper’s team asking for a return and they responded back with a questionnaire. They wanted to know why I was returning, my address, phone number, and availability for a pickup.
The people who came to collect the mattress were professional and quick.

Conclusion – 3/5 stars
The Casper Mattress was nice but not worth the price. The customer service for the return was good, so may be worth trying. Just keep your old mattress because you’d likely return it like I did due to the lack of value.

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