Mini Wand Massager by UHAND Cordless Handheld Massage Wand

It came lighter and smaller than I expected… I guess I was too used to the Hitachi magic wand so that’s my baseline. It’s a mini so the size wasn’t that surprising but the light weight was quite surprisingly…. almost felt like there weren’t any batteries in it.

It didn’t come with any instructions so took awhile to figure out.

-you need to plug the charging thing ALL THE WAY IN. it’ll go in part way and then feel resistance, you’ll be tempted to stop there out of fear of damaging it, but then just shove it all the way in 🙂
-when it’s charging it’ll light up. if it doesn’t, you haven’t pushed it all the way in
-hold the power button to turn on
-when it’s turned on it’ll be at default setting (turned on but not active). pressing + changes setting, but pressing the power button again (not holding it) is the equivalent of pressing – when it’s on
-there are 16 settings but I’d stick with the first 3

And there ya have it, I figured it out so you don’t have to.

-USB charging (means I can charge with battery packs or a multi-charger hub when I’m out)

-doesn’t come with instructions

Product Description from Amazon:

With the newly designed high-power turbine, you can get super-comfortable massage therapy and relax. This powerful stick has 5 powerful speeds and 20 modes, which is your favorite.
100% medical grade silicone and 100% waterproof design – this is a mini stick made, very smooth, compact and compact, it feels great when used; easy to clean, skin friendly, safe to use.
Cordless, long-lasting power and USB rechargeable – removes wires, so you can use the multi-speed system massage stick to free the entire body, including the neck, arms, feet, shoulders, and back. This little wand is equipped with an 1800 ma battery and is very long lasting. The USB cable allows you to charge your computer or plug.
Ultra-flexible microwave oven head – The flexible neck can be flexibly massaged as needed; it is small in size and easy to carry, whether you are traveling or at home.

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