Vacuum Cupping Set (Rotating Screws)

I was so looking forward to this, I actually kept checking the tracking to see when it’d be delivered 🙂

-it’s made in China. When you use a Chinese technique, you want authenticity. This is made in China and labels are in Chinese, which means it’s authentic and not something “for the westerners”
-variety of sizes, useful for application to different areas of the body
-holds suction well (LIGHTLY moisten and make sure it’s clean… I used water but some people recommend lube)

-it can be a bit tough to turn the screws for one of the smaller ones

-you don’t need to go from all the way at the bottom to the top
-if you only want to do 20% pressure for example, you can just start at say halfway, and go to 70% withdrawn… still 20%, but easier and more air in between, so a better/different suction

Product Description from Amazon:

❤️Vacuum Twist Suction Cupping is a modern development based on traditional cupping. It produces the effects of traditional cupping methods and eliminates some of the disadvantages. Each of these cups generates its own vacuum through the action of a screw valve with rubber seal in the cup body. Just put the cup on the desired area and twist, the cup will remain attached.
❤️Increase blood circulation, make your metabolism faster, and remove toxins from deep tissues. Your legs, stomach, and buttocks feel more stressed. As time goes on, cellulite will gradually disappear. Use daily for best results and long-term maintenance.
❤️Easy to operate, negative pressure can be adjusted according to the patient’s pain tolerance and disease free, more simple and convenient to use and to understand while see, is quick to learn, and can grasp skilled.
❤️Rotary piston exhaust method replaces the traditional method of ignition exhaust, no worries of burns.
❤️Safe and secure, greatly facilitate the people to use, both for the hospital and for families.

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