Sovereign Associates SCAM

Sovereign Associates is a real estate brokerage firm in NYC that was involved in a SCAM against tenants. This is the story about the Sovereign Associates SCAM involving Andrew Healy.

I contacted Sovereign Associates from a Streeteasy apartment listing in early 2018. The owner of Sovereign Associates, Gregory Healy, referred me to Andrew Healy, his son who also worked at Sovereign Associates.

Near the end of my initial lease term, I asked Andrew Healy (who was my main point of contact as I hadn’t met the landlord at that time) if I had provided all the rent cheques. Andrew Healy said I was missing a cheque and Andrew Healy requested me to pay him via Paypal to [email protected], which is his official Sovereign Associates email address. The cheque to landlord was later cashed, but Andrew Healy did not return my money.

Later in 2019, my neighbor informed me that Andrew Healy of Sovereign Associates was stealing money from tenants that was intended as rent. I asked the landlord about it (Leonard Solomon) and he confirmed that Andrew Healy was defrauding tenants. They informed me that his father Gregory Healy (owner of Sovereign Associates) would take care of it since it’s happened before. This was not done and I therefore sued Sovereign Associates in NYC Small Claims court to recover the money that Andrew Healy stole from me.

In 2020, the judge reviewed my case and ordered Gregory Healy of Sovereign Associates to return the money that Andrew Healy scammed. After all, it was money that was sent to Sovereign Associates’ email address [email protected]

Therefore BEWARE of the Sovereign Associates scam. Andrew Healy is a SCAMMER who worked for Sovereign Associates, and that is how Sovereign Associates is involved with this scam.

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