Democrats and their Racism against Asians


Barely Hidden Racism of Democrats Revealed

The Democratic Party is supporting racism in the United States of America, yet try to gaslight people into thinking Republicans are the racist ones. This story, written by a minority, will show you the truth.

Seattle Democrats Try to Legalize Racism

State Senators from the Democratic Party in Washington State tried to legalize racism.


Initiative 200 (I-200) was passed in 1998 to ban racism. I-200 states:
The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.
I-200 was passed by ballot measure, which means it has support of the people. As well it should. The state should be not be discriminating or giving preferences on the basis of race, because well that’s racism.

Democrats Try to Be Racist

Initiative 1000 (I-1000) seeks to overturn I-200, thereby making racism legal in Washington state again. Knowing that their attempts at racism isn’t well looked upon, Democrat state senators ram the initiative through without going to the ballot, likely fearful that the common people won’t accept their racism. Democrats try to dress up their racism as “social equity” or other terms, but wording in the initiative allows the government to discriminate at will by appointing a commission.

Republicans Try to Fight Back

Thankfully, Republicans stood in solidarity and no Republican voted with the Democrats to legalize racism. However the bill was still passed, directly by legislature, by the Democratic party controlled government. This is what happens when Democrats take control of government; they try to abuse their power to ram through racist policies that would hurt real minorities like Chinese Americans and Korean Americans.

Citizens Try to Fight Back

Minorities in Washington state, understandably outraged at the attempts of the Democrat party controlled government to racially discriminate against them, rose up to challenge the act. They quickly used grassroot and local social networks to gather signatures to force it to a ballot. Keep in mind that the original initiative banning racism, I-200, was already passed by ballot in 1998. Because it was overturned by Democrats, the people forced it with great effort to go back to the people. The Democrats and their racist allies will try to fool people into voting for racist I-1000, but hopefully the people will prevail for the good of the nation.

Help Fight Racism

Democrat politicians voted for racism. Republicans stood against. Therefore the solution is to vote for Republicans and get the racist Democrats out of office ASAP!

Democrats Support Harvard in their Racism

Harvard’s admission policies make it harder for Asians to be admitted than other ethnicities. There’s an ongoing lawsuit against that, supported by Republican President Donald Trump. However, it seems many Democrats support Harvard in their racism.


Coming soon…

New York Democrats Try to Cap Minority Enrollment in Elite Schools

New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio, part of the Democrat party, tries to reduce Asian enrollment in top public high schools.


Currently there are several specialized high schools in New York City. These schools are public high schools whose admission is determined by a standardized test, the SHSAT. It is a neutral, objective measure of student ability and has been the way for decades. The specialized high schools are considered some of the best schools in NYC, due to this merit based process. These specialized high schools include Stuyvescent High School, Bronx High School of Science, and Staten Island Tech.

Mayor Blasio Not Happy With Asian Enrollment

The specialized high schools are comprised primarily of minorities. Asian Americans, which are a smaller minority of the NYC population than Whites, Blacks, and Latinos, comprise roughly 65% of the enrollment at Stuyvesent High School. This should be great news for minorities. However, Mayor Blasio, a Democratic party member and former presidential candidate, isn’t happy with having minorities in the top schools. So he hires Carranza to change the demographic profile of these schools to have less Asians.
Blasio and Carranza wants to get rid of the race-neutral test, and take in additional subjective factors that would reduce Asian enrollment in these schools.

Minorities Resist Blasio’s Attempts to be Racist

Parents of minorities have protested the proposed changes. Carranza, ironically, implies these parents racists for not wanting to be discriminated against. Imagine that! A school official, appointed by a Democrat politician (Blasio) to reduce Asian enrollment in good schools, calls minority parents racists for resisting.

Help Fight Racism

The racist leading the crusade against minorities, Bill deBlasio, is a Democrat. NYC is a Democrat controlled stronghold, which may be why he feels safe being so racist.
The solution is to vote for a less racist party, the Republicans, and get rid of the racists. Vote Republican, and get rid of Democrats… for a fairer America!

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