IKEA Mattress Review

As a proud owner of 4 IKEA mattresses, I wanted to write an IKEA Mattress Review so that everyone else knows what it’s like to buy and own an IKEA mattress. I have paid retail price for these mattresses and I was not paid by anyone to write this review.


Price Range

IKEA spring mattresses range in price from $120 to $700. For larger sizes, the price range goes up to $1000.
IKEA foam mattresses range in price from $90 to $650. For larger sizes, the price range goes up to $800.
As you can see, foam mattresses are typically cheaper than spring mattresses since there are less moving parts.
My first 3 mattresses were $200 range spring mattresses. Foam mattresses tend to last longer since there are no moving parts. I went with spring mattresses because of the 25 year mattress warranty that IKEA has. I figured what’s the point of going for something more durable if I can get it replaced for free anyways.
My current mattress is the most expensive mattress I’ve ever bought; a HAUGSVÄR IKEA full size mattress for that retails for $379. I figured that due to their warranty and quality, I might as well invest in my sleep by buying the most comfortable mattress I could. See our mattress buying guide for more information.

IKEA Mattress Comfort

As you can read from our mattress buying guide, softer is not necessarily better. That being said, a lot of people have complimented my beds saying that it’s the most comfortable bed they’ve slept in. As someone who’ve slept in quite a lot of beds myself, I agree.
IKEA makes a variety of mattresses with varying softness levels. However, the softness level is just a guideline; the best way to find the right mattress for you is by literally sleeping on it. I spent hours on various mattresses at the IKEA store before I choose a mattress.

25 Year Warranty

As a Chinese guy who does a lot of things in bed, I wanted a mattress that was durable. Or if the mattress was not durable, a warranty that would replace it for free if it failed.
Unfortunately (or fortunately), I’ve never been able to take advantage of the warranty. My IKEA mattresses have lasted. There has been no noticeable sagging.

What is covered under this limited warranty?
This limited warranty covers defects in material and workmanship in the following components of the mattresses and/or bed bases described above from the date of purchase from IKEA. The original purchase receipt is required as proof of purchase. This limited warranty applies to domestic use only.
• Springs in spring mattresses.
• Foam core in foam mattresses.
• Latex core in latex mattresses.
• Wooden frame, slats, and springs in slatted bed bases and mattress bases.
The original purchase receipt is required as proof of purchase.


IKEA does provide shipping at a cost. Mattresses due to their size can be very hard to transport, and harder still if you don’t have a car on hand. I paid $99 for shipping. It’s a flat rate up to a certain point, so I bundled it with a lot of other items and had it shipped all at once. In addition to the mattress, I bought a mattress frame, foundation, sheets, comforters, kitchen table, 4 chairs, kitchen stuff, and a work table. I figured if I’m paying $99 to ship a mattress, I might as well buy my whole apartment’s furniture.

IKEA Mattresses

In conclusion, IKEA mattresses are a solid buy. They are durable, comfortable, and extremely well priced. None of my Ikea mattresses have ever failed, and I use my bed vigorously. I’ve only bought new mattresses when I move and it’s too much of a hassle to move my mattress to the new location.

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