Black on Asian Crime doesn’t get reported in the news often, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a major issue. You’d be surprised to find that Black on Asian Crime is 280 times higher than Asian on Black crime!

Black on Asian Crime Reporting

It’s rare to see statistics of Black on Asian crime and Black on Chinese crime published in popular media. Thankfully, the US Department of Justice publishes an annual victimization report shows detailed statistics from which we can distill insight into Black on Asian crime. Ideally we’d like to get insight of Black on Chinese crime, but the statistics aren’t that detailed yet. This analysis of Black against Asian crime was based on the 2018 report.

Black on Asian Violent Crime Statistics

In 2018, there were 182,230 reports of Asian victims. Of these, the offender was white 24% of the time and Black 28% of the time. For comparison, the US population is 62% White, 12% Black, 17% Hispanic, and 6% Asian.
So while the US population has more white people than black people, Asians are victimized in violent crime by Black people more often than by White people even without adjusting for the population difference.
What about the other way around? How often are the offenders in violent crime against Black people Asian? From the same study, Asians were the offenders in less than 0.1% of the violent crimes against Black people, while white people were the offenders in 11% of the time.

In other words, the rate of victimization of Black on Asian violent crime is 280 TIMES HIGHER than Asian on Black crime. By raw number of incidents, it is 89 times higher. Sounds racist? We think so.

Asians are Victimized by Other Ethnicities

76% of violent crime against Asian victims, were perpetrated by non-Asians. Which means that the majority of violent crime committed against Asians, were committed by non-Asians such as Black against Asians.
For comparison, the % of violent crime committed by a different ethnicity against White people was 38%, against Black people was 30%, against Latinos was 55%. This means that Asians are the most victimized group by other ethnicities for violent crime among all the ethnicities tracked. Black people are the least victimized group by other ethnicities.

Media Bias Against Chinese and Asians

As you can see from the statistics, Black on Asian crime is a huge problem. Unfortunately the popular western media doesn’t like this narrative. Do your part and help the Asian community by sharing this article about Black on Asian crime. Hopefully with enough political support, they will start tracking Black against Chinese crime statistics as well.

Call to Action

1) Spread awareness of this racism to your friends and neighbors by sharing this article.
2) Vote for people who are willing to protect law and order instead of catering to preferred minorities Typically Republicans are more fair, while Democrats are racist and tend hate asians.

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69 thoughts on “Black on Asian Crime Statistics

  1. Saa Sin Hai Reply

    This issue is so important to me. Many Asian Americans are victimized and the media just ignore us even when we are literally being hurt or killed. Thank for doing the work to spread awareness.

  2. Michael Reply

    Can you link where you found your stats? Would like to reference it but need a source. Thank you.

    • Chinese Man Post authorReply

      Sure. Source is from Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), which is run by the US DOJ. The report used was “Criminal Victimization, 2018”

      • Slw Reply

        Unless the Asian that was victimized, was assaulted by a white person; the media will ignore it. A large portion of assaults against Asians are perpetrated by Blacks and Latinos. Media outlets would rather say nothing than risk the wrath of wokeness.

        • Rapahel-Raúl Reply

          Where do you get this that Latinos are attacking Asians?
          Are you also covering up for Balck on Asian crime by clumping in Latino? Also, 75% of Latinos are white, which you don’t notice because you have a stereotype of what a Latine-American looks like.

          • Tom

            How are Latinos white? Latinos are latin. Whites are white. Blacks are black.

      • Barbara Reply

        Interesting. The “Percent of violent incidents, by victim and offender race or ethnicity” BJS table in 2018 includes the Asian line, but Asian been removed from the 2019 chart. Why on earth would that be?

  3. Paul Lee Reply

    Regarding Black on Asian crime in my own family: My elderly godmother, my younger brother, and I have been victimized by blacks. In each case, these attacks were unprovoked and resulted in injury or loss of personal property. To put this in context, we have not experienced similar attacks with other ethnicities.

    • Hornet Reply

      we have to adept quickly with the environment or be eaten alive brother.

      • Nick Solger Reply

        Hey im white and I support you guys. Im sad that this is happening but im even more mad that its being blamed on white people when black people are the most responsible. Its been happening a lot since last year and they are only saying it because they finally have their white on Asian case

        I bet they popped champagne open at the studio

  4. Leo Reply

    Americans do not care if Asian people are beaten, killed, or attacked daily.

    • Nick Reply

      No, they just coddle black people and are soooo afraid of being labeled a racist that they allow horrible behavior to go unchecked. Remember , it’s only a hate crime if a white person is the aggressor. Crazy!!!!

      • Valerie Niosi Reply

        I have noticed that white are not called racists by Hispanics, Asians nor Indians.

        • Benito Valadez Reply

          I’m Hispanic and I have felt more racism from blacks than from whites or Asians

    • Ulf Hednar Reply

      I am a White man and I guarantee you or any other Asian I will have your back if I see this happening.

    • Galtha 58 Reply

      Not true. Some Americans may not care but many more do care. The Dems problem right now is that they are so focused on promoting the idea of racism against Blacks that they will ignore Black racism.

    • Tokyo Joe Reply

      Nah, this is far too cynical. I believe that the overwhelming majority of non-asian Americans have no reason to dislike or hate asians, and don’t. If anything, I think the criminal element in society (of all races) see asians as less likely to fight back and are, therefore, easier targets.

      Admittedly, the above is merely based on my observations and experience, and I have no solid science to back this up. I welcome disagreement and criticism on these points.

    • Steve Secor Reply

      Not true it’s Democrats that don’t care. Or at the very least the liberal press won’t (white elitist) won’t provide fair coverage.

  5. Chineseguy Reply

    Learn to protect yourselves and be united in helping each other out instead of running away. Learn to use firearms. White people won’t help us. Stop begging for help. Since the 1800s they have not gave a shit about Asians and you things will change? We must help each other and help ourselves. We didn’t build our communities with help we should protect it ourselves too. Cops should come to arrest bad people after we contain situation ourselves. Learn to be smarter.

  6. Christine Sung Reply

    Not disagreeing with the article as a fellow Asian myself. However, I would say that the statistic on Black on Asian crime vs. White on Asian crime and its comparison to the general White population vs. all other minorities as it pertains to the percentages, is a bit skewed. The areas that have the most Asian population (i.e., Bay Area, LA, New York) are also where there is a higher Black population. A large portion of the 62% White that is mentioned in the article lives in areas where there are hardly any Asians (e.g., the Midwest) so it’s not a totally fair comparison to say that while Black folks make up less of the general U.S. Population, they represent a higher percentage of crime on Asians than White folks since a large number of those White folks will almost never see an Asian unless they travel to one of the major cities with a large Asian population.

    • Chinese Man Post authorReply

      Thanks Christine. The counter-argument to the physical proximity claim is that, Black people are only as close to Asians as Asians are to Black people. If proximity explains it, then why isn’t there an equal # of Asian on Black violent crime in the stats?

    • Christi Lee Reply

      So it’s just unfortunate? You think Asians would be attacked at the same rate if they live in white neighborhoods???

      • j mac Reply

        I lived in Foster City for 25 years, it is roughly 50% White and 50% Asian, not once in those 25 years did I hear or read about any Asian being attacked by any White person, and vice-versa.That should answer your question.

      • j macj Reply

        No they wouldn’t. I am white man who lived in Foster City for almost 25 years. The city is just about split 50/50 between whites and Asians. Not once in all those years did I hear or read about any attacks on Asians from white or vice-versa, worked for S.F Chronicle over 33 years.

    • SoCal Sonny Reply

      Asians live all over white neighborhoods in all major metro areas of Texas with very few white on asian attacks. As any Asian in Houston who they are afraid of.

    • Truth Teller Reply

      Show your source because you’re full of shit. You people are true psychopaths! You don’t want to address the actual issues you just want a political narrative.

      • Hank Reply

        Who are you addressing? Someone eluded to fact that it was DoJ data – what more could you ask?

        • Truth_B_Told Reply

          People like this will object to anything that doesn’t fit their narrative! Be it the DOJ numbers or the words from the victims themselves! The data is clear. Asians are disproportionately attacked by blacks. The numbers don’t lie. 12% of the population is responsible for 50% of all murders in America! And similarly for other crime! Speaking the truth, backed up by stats used to be how debates were won! Today, you are a racist. The numbers are misinterpreted. It’s other people’s fault. Their oppression is the cause! When you can’t even identify the problem through the lies and misinformation. You have zero chance of correcting it! And I realize this isn’t representative of all of any race. But the numbers are all we have to go by! And the numbers tell the story!

    • Based_Retort Reply

      Sounds dumb to me.

      You can look at Black on white crime vs White on black crime. The data is less skewed but it still shows Black on white crime is more prevalent than white on black crime.

      Why is that if you think white people, asian people, and black people don’t live in the same hoods…

    • Raphael-Raúl Sebazco Reply

      No, this is not true. You seem to be covering up the reality, like many people who are afraid of telling the truth. The truth is, the great majority of attacks on Asians are by Blacks. That is the statistical truth, a fact, face it, be brave, tell the truth and protect your family and community.

    • patrick mar Reply

      with all due respect. why would you want to be naive? have you not heard or seen what black people say about us?

    • Hank Reply

      You’re trying too hard Christine. I grew up in a 99% white town. THe Asian businesses in town had most of their crime problems with out of town Blacks. I’ve been around for sevral decades and when a Chinese or Asian man would open up about crime in general it was always about Blacks being the perpetrators. And for this it was common knowledge that Chinese (perhaps others) did not like Blacks and were very wary of them. Obviously, I hope this is changing for hte better but I cannot tell a lie… it does bother me right now that anytime I see or hear a take on Asian hate crimes, it is made to sound like “whites” are the problem. We need honesty within these discussions if we are to progress. Sorry in advance for hurting feelings but…

  7. B Reply

    This is so making sense to me too. I’ve only encountered 4 crimes in my life and the 4 offenders were all black. Me 2 times, my brother, and my mom. You know that blacks are violent by experience not by stereotype.

  8. P Reply

    From personal experience, I always had an inclination that black on asian crimes were very serious. These stats blew my mind.

  9. G Reply

    Hope this can be translated into various Asian languages! A lot of Asian Americans do not speak English. They either vote with the flow or don’t vote at all. If they understand the content, it can be very helpful.

  10. Su Reply

    No one cares about Asians in North America. Only black people because of their loudness. A black guy is wronged and the riots break out. A bunch of Asians systemically gets victimized by black people is just statistics. This is hypocrisy at its best. Yet many Asians march in the streets in support of BLM.

  11. Truth be told Reply

    hi can somebody please directly link the Criminal Victimization, 2018 report. I can’t seem to find it on the DOJ website

  12. Tokyo Joe Reply

    After ignoring this issue for years, the media seems all too interested in bringing it to the forefront now as a way to reenforce the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda that calling COVID-19 “the Wuhan Virus” would subject Chinese to racial violence. China wants to avoid responsibility for spreading a global pandemic and the liberal media sees an opportunity to score political points by trying to prove the non-existent “white supremacy” narrative pushed by Democrats.

    However, the media refuses to point out that the recently reported violence against asians is 1.) not new and 2.) largely perpetrated by blacks, and the reason they don’t is because it doesn’t support their preferred narrative.

    • Miranda Ottem Reply

      Oh my God! This comment gave me chills. You’re 100% right and I can’t believe I didn’t see it til now. You are a genius!

  13. Doolittle Knowless Reply

    After processing the above data to learn a bit about the propensity to commit violence against other races, I was shocked to learn that the ratio of violence committed against another race versus against one’s own race was lowest for . . . ready for it? . . . for whites.

  14. BAM Reply

    I keep getting called racist for pointing out a lot of this BLM narrative is false if you look at statistics. We’re now living in a country where the group committing the most disproportionate amount of crime has turned itself into the biggest victims.

  15. Asian21 Reply

    The only reason the recent attacks in Asians are in the news is because it was committed by a white man. It completely fits the media narrative that white is bad. Btw I’m Asian.

    • Tokyo Joe Reply

      There could be 10 attacks on asians by black men and 1 attack by a white guy in the same week, and the media will ignore the former and extensively report on the latter. We’re all being purposefully misinformed and we need to be aware of it.

  16. art Reply

    I care a lot. I teach in China and always have such a wonderful time.
    There is a big push for Diversity but it almost always leaves out Asian and Native American Populations. How is that Diversity?

  17. Cathy Pope Reply

    Funny, most of what I am reading it appears there is hate for black people by Asians, not the other way around. The last remark I left seen to have been omitted.

    • Tokyo Joe Reply

      Funny, people here are noticing from the statistics that blacks disproportionally commit violent attacks against asians, and your take-away is that it sounds like asians dislike blacks? What?? And NOT the other way around? What??

      • Japanese Girl Reply

        Liberals do not accept numbers and facts.
        They don’t believe in government issued reports, however when Americans appreciate Asian culture and that’s racist and white washing or something. They have to be the hero and defend us on behalf.
        Sorry little off the topic but you get what I mean.
        Do Asians hate Blacks?
        I don’t think so, but the numbers show other way around.
        Facts are facts. Numbers don’t lie!
        And the actual beating footages!!!

    • TinTin Reply

      I’m an Asian woman. From my experience, my neighbor, 3 of my friends encountered home robbery or robbery outside a grocery stores, all robbers were black people. I believe all races are equal. But the truth is I feel terrified if I see a black people walking towards me when I walk in the street. And I won’t feel the same if I see a white people or even a Latino in the same situation. And I don’t think I’m a racist. Because when I’m in a business meeting, I won’t have the same feeling towards black people. I do empathize black kids who grow up in poverty and many of them grew up to young black teenagers who are lack of moral principle and later many of them became criminals. The recent Asian Hate crimes, high percentage of them were committed by blacks. Do they hate Asians, I don’t know. I think most of them were just being black who don’t have basic moral principle nor empathy.

    • Michael Reply

      You cannot deny the crime stats. Asians RARELY attack Blacks. Blacks conversely, OFTEN attack Asians. That is HATE. Negatively commenting on that grossly disproportionate pattern is not “hate.” It is RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION.

    • Karlin K Reply

      You can see the stats for yourself, and read the rather objective experiences by those on this thread for yourself, and your take away is that Asians hate Black?!?
      Wowww …

    • Truth_B_Told Reply

      I guess you are searching for your narrative in what you are reading here! These are people expressing their feelings about their personal interactions. If it’s Asians talking about being victimized by Blacks. Why would you think A. You would hear great things about the victimizing race? And B. Why would a Black person come onto this discussion to attack the Asian people? So in other words why would you think you would hear Blacks hating on Asians here? The answer to both is you wouldn’t! It would appear by the stats and the Asian folks stories the Black hate for Asians as you called it. Is expressed in the street, in their homes and businesses, and in their everyday interactions! Just not in here! Hope this helps!

  18. Hope Reply

    Thank you so much for writing this.
    I would like to know how much hate crimes is actually done by blacks in 2020. The media says “white supremacy” but I don’t buy it.

  19. Michael Reply

    All you have to do is take a city like NY or LA, get the crime stats and racial stats of that city. Then you will know. Have you done that?

  20. Wintry Reply

    Wow these comments make me sad. I’m Black and I am against Asian Hate in any form. Though I do remember in the 90’s there was a little Black girl who was shot in the back of her head by a Korean store owner because the owner thought the girl had stolen milk. There were riots after that because this was the same time the Rodney King beating happened. The store owner didn’t receive any jail time and I wonder if the Black crimes against Asians has any correlation to racial tension or are just random acts of violence. I said all that to say, I hear you and I’m sorry for the attacks you’ve endured here in America. I’m against racism and hate towards anyone. Every race has the capacity for hate and crime but I can admit Blacks have more than their fair share. Just hoping any and everyone knows that we are all individuals at the end of the day and many Blacks admire and respect the Asian culture.

    • Joe Reply

      So because 1 Black girl was shot, it’s OK for 50113 Asians to be violently attacked by Blacks? (27.5 percent of 182,230 according to 2018 statistics)

  21. A.J. Reply

    Thank you for this article. I wish there was an updated data besides the 2018 graphics. I am a Black man who is working on uniting theses two communities. I will use this data for awareness purposes but never for being divisive or as a tool to say why Asians and Blacks shouldn’t get along with each other.

  22. SB Reply

    Some folks have a distorted world view and they force a distorted narrative despite all the facts and stats showing something different. Most of them have led sheltered lives and have no life experience in rougher parts of town or street crime. To admit they are wrong would crush that world view and so they will say and think anything to not face the truth. Nothing will change until there is an honest conversation about criminality.

  23. Ol redneck Reply

    Do not fall for the false narrative that whites hate Asians and that the attacks on Asians are due to whites. We got yall’s back but if you start to spit on us and blame us, we will back off and then yall will be alone. I just read an article where two white men were almost stabbed to death saving an elderly Asian woman from being killed. Open your eyes while you can.

    You guys are not alone…

    • Lien Reply

      We asians have known for a long time. Alot of mainstream doesn’t like portraying blacks anything other the victim rather than the perpetrator. That’s why they love us as the model “quiet” Asians. Lies keep their bosses and their bosses’ friends in power.

  24. JamalThoms Reply

    The FBI/DOJ are hiding the Asian hate crime stats for 2020-2022.

    They want to hide Black on Asian crime, because it spiked through the roof, wtf is goin on?

    Release the god damn data.

  25. Lisa Matthews Reply

    We stand with the Asian community. Sucker punching people because of their race is f*cking VILE.

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