UC Will Ignore SAT / ACT Scores Until 2025 in Racist Blow to Asians

In a racist blow against Asians, the University of California won’t consider SAT or ACT scores until at least 2025. Racist leftist advocacy groups argue the use of SAT and ACT scores “discriminates against applicants based on race, income, and disability”. SAT and ACT scores, if submitted by students, won’t be provided to admissions readers.

Under the terms of the settlement, the University has agreed not to consider applicants’ SAT or ACT scores in admissions or scholarship decisions for fall 2022. The Board of Regents had already decided in May 2020 that SAT or ACT scores would not be considered for fall 2023 admissions and beyond.

The SAT and ACT are objective measures free from discrimination. California, under the rule of racist Democrats, have repeatedly tried to limit asian enrollment in the prestigious University of California college system. While California Proposition 209 bans the use of race in admissions, the racist Democrats have tried to overturn this rule. In addition, the racist Democrats have also tried to go around this rule by using proxies to adjust for race. For example, instead of just using standardized test scores (the most objective measure), the University of California system uses a bunch of “holistic” subjective measures that allow them to discriminate based on race implicitly. For example, the “9% rule” which guarantees admission to the top 9% of each high school in California, is a racist measure. High school grades are subjective to teachers doing the grading, and allows admissions from underperforming non-asian schools. The net effect is that this discrimination contributes to the racism of affirmative action, where an Asian student have to score 400 points higher on the SAT to get the same admission as a black student.

Democrats have repeatedly shown that they will promote policies that discriminate against Asians. The only way to prevent this racism is to ensure Democrats never get to office again. This involves more than just California, as a recent 2021 vote on ending funding for colleges that discriminate showed. The measure, to ban federal funding for colleges that discriminate against Asians, was proposed by a Republican, supported by Republicans, and yet defeated by Democrats.

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