California ACA-5 is Racist


What is ACA-5?

ACA-5 refers to Assembly Constitutional Amendment No. 5.
ACA 5 is a resolution to propose to the voters of the State of California an amendment to the Constitution of the State, by repealing Section 31 of Article I thereof, relating to government preferences. This measure would repeal the provisions in California Proposition 209 (1996) on prohibiting the state from discriminating against, or granting preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.
The backstory is, California voters voted in 1996 to ban racism in hiring and public education. The California Democrats through ACA-5 is trying to legalize racism again.

California Prop 209

Proposition 209 (also known as the California Civil Rights Initiative or CCRI) is a California ballot proposition which, upon approval in November 1996, amended the state constitution to prohibit state governmental institutions from considering race, sex, or ethnicity, specifically in the areas of public employment, public contracting, and public education. Modeled on the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the California Civil Rights Initiative was authored by two California academics, Glynn Custred and Tom Wood.

What ACA-5 Means

Democrats are using ACA-5 to discriminate against Asians. While Democrats have been trying to flout the racism ban through other means, for example benefiting certain ethnicities via zip code rather than explicit ethnicity, ACA-5 would allow them to explicitly hurt Asians and Chinese people. They could cap admissions to the prestigious UC system by ethnicity, for example allowing no more than 10% Asians.
ACA 5 amends the California Constitution by repealing Section 31 of Article I relating to the prohibition against discrimination or preferential treatment, among other provisions.

Why Defeating ACA-5 Isn’t Enough

Similar to California, in Washington State the people voted via ballot measure I-200 to ban racism. The state Democrats tried to repeal that ban on racism in 2019 via I-1000. The people of Washington State rose up and used Referendum 88 popular vote to ban I-1000, leaving I-200 the original ban on racism intact. However, Democrats may keep trying to introduce measures year after year until the people get tired or they get lucky one year and it passes.

The same may happen in California. The people banned racism via California Prop 209, but the state Democrats are trying to bring back racism due to their hatred of Asians and Chinese people. If Democrats stay in power, they’ll keep trying to enforce their hatred of Asians via racist bills. Therefore the only way to preserve our freedoms is to vote out the Democrats and vote in a party that’s willing to fight racism. That party is the Republican Party. In Washington State, the racism measure was only supported by Democrats, and all Republicans voted against. Republicans have shown time and time again that they are on the side of Asians, Chinese people and other minorities.

Call to Action

1) Rally your friends and neighbors.
2) Spread this article so they’re aware of the racist tricks that the US Democrat party is trying to pull in California.
3) Vote Republican and convince your friends to do so in order to save our nation from racism.

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